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"Time is Life.  To waste your time is to waste your life; to manage your
    time is to manage your life."
					  -- Alan Lakein, 1973

     "Time is what each person doesn't have enough of, yet each person
has all that is necessary."
					  -- Curtis & Detert, 1981

Goal-setting plays a major role in managing the time of your life and preventing distress. Goals are statements related to what you want to do with your time. Goals provide direction and enable you to observe your progress.

Identifying your goals on paper tends to make them more concrete and specific. Spend two to three minutes answering each of the following questions. Write whatever comes to mind -- don't censor your thoughts!

I. What are my goals after college?

II. Things I want to do before I graduate (besides classes).

III. What major things do I need to do this semester (tests, papers, research projects...).

IV. If I knew now that I would be struck dead by lightning 6 months from today, how would I like to spend my time until then?

Now, you have a list of goals. You may even have thought of more to do than there is time to do them in. This time constraint creates goal conflicts. Goal conflicts are resolved by setting priorities. This helps you decide which goals are most important to you at this time.

Adapted from:
Lakein, A. (1973). How to get control of your time and your life. New York: Signet.


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