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Coping Styles


Everyone has ways they handle stress; these methods are called coping styles. Some researchers think each style is associated with specific levels of success.

For example, since emotion-focused coping doesn 't solve problems that cause stress, some researchers think it 's a less effective method of coping. Still, it 's a better method when people truly have no control of their situation. Also, it may help simply because it makes people feel better. 






Emotion-focused coping style

Do things to make oneself feel better Tell yourself you can get through this You can always use it. It can make you feel better immediately. It doesn 't make problems go away.

Problem-focused coping style

Try to fix the problem Discuss a problem with a coworker who you think is wrong Sometimes this method makes problems go away. You can 't make some problems go away no matter how hard you try.

Relationship-focused coping style

Handle other people 's needs Discuss how you feel with someone you are angry with You may help yourself or someone else. You can 't change other people.


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