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1. Over committing your time, energy, or brain power.
2. Saying yes when you want to say no.
3. Allowing your "have to do" list overshadow your "want to do" list.

4. Letting external influences make your decisions for you.
5. Expecting others to make you feel happy, satisfied, or loved.
6. Allowing work to dominate your thoughts or conversation on days off.

7. Thinking that there's not enough time to eat right, or get some exercise.
8. Spending your free time doing things you don't want to do.
9. Comparing yourself to others.

10. Stressing over things you can't control or change.
11. Obsessing over the personal decisions that others make.
12. Getting involved in things that are none of your business.

13. Focusing your conversations or thoughts on problems.
14. Projecting negative expectations.
15. Saying "I told you so" when your advice has been ignored.

16. Letting fads or trends dictate your preferences.
17. Blaming others for your current reality.
18. Buying things you don't need just because they're cool.

19. Inventing distractions to avoid responsibilities.
20. Signing up for more free information because you are afraid you might
. . . . miss out on something.
21. Trying to hide from or make excuses for your real feelings.

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