Integrating a web widget is an easy way to enhance your site's functionalities. And when we say easy, we really mean it. You don't need a web developer or any special skills to do it. You just grab a peace of code and paste it.

Basically, widgets are third-party applications that you embed on your website. They come in many different forms, such as calendars, forms, converters and many more. Usually, you need to go to the prover's website, configure your widget, copy your code and paste it on your website. That's it!

Widgets for Calendar, Clocks, Computer, Utilities and Weather

3-in-1 Loan Calculator
36 Hour Weather
All Conversion
Analog Clock with Day, Date & Salutation - Black
Analog Clocks & Calendar
Armed Forces of Regional Powers
Astro clock
Banner Maker Widget
Basic Statistics
Beautiful clock 02
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165 more widgets.

Widgets for Health, Medical, Exercise and Sciences

Addiction - real stories
Adult BMI Calculator
AIDSinfo News
Ask Me About A Gene
Asthma self-assessment
Back pain and sciatica videos
Back pain guide
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator
Bladder self-assessment

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107 more widgets.

Widgets for Finance, Stocks and Economy

Alternative Energy Production
Annuity Calculator
Apple Vs Samsung
Bonds Calculator
Brent Crude
Canadian Crude Index
Carbon Counter
CO2 Added in Atmosphere
Company Comparisons
Compare Loans and Mortgages

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76 more widgets.

Widgets for Entertainment

American Football Live Scores
Aquarium Widget
Artist Information
Atheist Quotes
Basket Champs
Basketball Live Scores
Be Active Your Way
Bubble shooter
Celeberity Age Finder
Chess games

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78 more widgets.