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What is the Brain-Machine Interface

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Medtronic is currently the largest competitor in the neurotechnology industry. It holds a leadership position in several product categories, including deep-brain stimulation systems, spinal cord stimulation systems, and incontinence stimulators.

However, Medtronic faces a new level of competition in these product categories from Boston Scientific Corp., which acquired the neuromodulation products of Advanced Bionics Inc. in 2004, and St. Jude Medical, which acquired Advanced Neuromodulation Systems Inc. in 2005.

Cochlear Ltd. is currently the leader in the cochlear prosthesis market, with roughly a 65 percent market share.

In the neurosensing market, Natus Medical, which acquired CareFusions’ Nicolet product line ins 2012, is the leader in electrophysiological systems. In the neurorehabilitation market, DJO Inc. is the leader in the market for surface muscle stimulators.

What is the Brain-Computer Interface Technology

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