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feline health topics


This section answers questions we are asked about cats every day, emphasizing problems we think are urgently important that you may not know about.  Our new vaccination recommendations and the related article,  Feline sarcoma - a cancer that can be caused by vaccinations, discuss health care issues all cat owners should know about.

It is natural for owners to be concerned  when their pet is going to have surgery.   Particularly if  you are thinking about the declaw operation, look at the spay, neuter declaw section.  The pages on anesthesia, surgical monitoring and surgical pain control should be interesting and we hope, reassuring. 

New information on flea and tick control becomes old information as quickly as it's published.   We battle these problems every day, and the biggest advantage of a web page is that it's easy to keep current.  

If you are giving some thought to kitten selection before getting a kitten, congratulations.  Go look in the finding the right kitten department.  If you are more spontaneous and your new cat or kitten happened sort of by accident, that's good too.  Go straight to care and feeding.  Lots useful information in the fewest possible words.  

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