Written by Dino Termini - termini@email.it - May 9, 2003
This script is freeware (GPL) but if you use it, please let me know!

Portions of code by zoomIN, zoomOUT
Written by Nguyen Duong Minh (Obie) - obie4web@yahoo.com - April 14, 2003

Portions of code by Webreference Javascript Cookie Functions
Jupirmedia Corporation

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Cookie support
Starting from version 0.95, a sperimental support for cookies has been added to this script. When browsing a website, your users can get pissed off if for each page they will need to resize font again and again. So a "browser memory" could be the right solution for storing informations about size choosen by the user. You can add buttons to set or reset cookie value (like the one here below) and set configuration parameter for memory expiry, by default set to one year. Warning: Internet Explorer seems to get in trouble with cookies handling sometime.