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Brain Upgrade Neurotechnology Medical Dictionary How 1 to 10

1. Something that makes an association to what the audience member already has in his memory.

2. Something that provides multiple ways of understanding a topic (multiple neural pathways), preferably through story, illustration, and anecdote.

3. Something unusual that isn't so similar that it falls into the "I've seen this before" rote memory which can't differentiate well. Good designers sometimes make the mistake of making everything look "similar" for visual branding purposes, not realizing they hurt the ability of some to differentiate among their content. Copycats also do themselves no favors for this same reason.

4. Something that doesn't require long-term memory to grasp, i.e. isn't so complex or long that they forget what they've read at the beginning. When we're reading, we're functioning on short-term memory. It's easy to forget things. Blogger A.J. Kohn even suggests our infographics are getting too complex.

You might use the information in this post to simply help you remember things better; great! But, once you begin understanding how people remember things, you can add this to your content marketing tool chest. You can create content that is memorable, or primed to be remembered, even in the midst of a deluge of content that is screaming to be forgotten.

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