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These can be remembered simply by associating numbers from e.g. the Number/Rhyme system with positions in a peg system such as the Alphabet System, or the Journey System, and by further associating these with the face or name of the person whose number is being remembered.

For example, to remember that Kathryn's phone number is 735345, I can imagine myself travelling to her flat: with my destination firmly in mind, I envisage the following stops on my journey:

Front door: the door has sprouted angels wings, and is flying up to heaven! (7)

Rose bush: a small sapling (tree, 3) is growing its way through the middle of the bush.

Car: some bees have started to build a hive (5) under the wheel of my car. I have to move it very carefully to avoid damaging it.

End of road: a tree (3) has fallen into the road. I have to drive around it.

Past garage: Someone has nailed a door (4) to the sign. Strange!

Under railway bridge: the bees are building another hive (5) between the girders here!

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