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Now you know that if there are a thousand metres and you add the prefix "kilo" then you get a kilometre which equals a thousand metres (of course). There are a number of these prefixes that you can use but how do you remember them?

Well a simple technique is to create a silly story using the initials of the words you want to remember. The prefixes that we wish to recall in this example are:

kilo- (1000), hecto- (100), deca- (10), metri- (the base unit of the metre), deci- (1/10th), centi- (1/100th) and milli- (1/1000th)

Taking the initial letters we have: K,H,D,M,D,C,M. So the next time that you need to recall the prefixes, just remember that Kippers Hardly Dare Move During Cold Months!

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