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Most people know about IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as a measurement of intelligence but there is doubt about whether it is an accurate assessment of someone's ability. Harvard Professor of Education Howard Garner came up with a theory of Multiple Intelligences to measure human intellectual competence. These are:

LINGUISTIC INTELLIGENCE - The ability to read, write and communicate.

LOGICAL - MATHEMATICAL INTELLIGENCE - The ability to reason, calculate and think in a logical manner.

VISUAL - SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE - The ability to think in pictures and visualise a result.

MUSICAL - INTELLIGENCE - The ability to make or compose music or understand and appreciate it.

BODILY- KINESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE - The ability to use your body skillfully to solve problems, create products or present ideas and emotions.

INTER PERSONAL (SOCIAL) INTELLIGENCE - The ability to work effectively with others.

INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE - The ability for self analysis and reflection.

NATURALIST INTELLIGENCE - The ability to recognise flora and fauna.

If you consider these intelligences, where do your strengths lie and how can you improve them?

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