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? Do crossword puzzles. One published study found that seniors who did crossword puzzles four days a week had a 47 percent lower risk of dementia than seniors who did puzzles only once a week

? Take up dancing, bridge, or take continuing education courses. There's reason to believe such things will help, says Dr. Bill Thies of the Alzheimer's Association. "Use it or lose it," he says.

? Exercise. It'll help your mind as well as your body.

? Play a musical instrument, take up chess, and don't just sit in front of the tube. There's some evidence that challenging the brain builds up a reserve of neuron connections.

? Get some confidence. If you're going into a party or meeting and know who'll be there, try to go over their names in your head. Speak them out loud if possible.

? Concentrate. When you're introduced to someone new, look them in the eye, and say their name a few times silently. Try to associate their name with their face. Try to speak to the person again before you leave and address him or her by name.

? Form habits. If you get lost in parking lots, always park in the same place. Pick out a favorite spot and park there.

? Go to the library or a bookstore. There are plenty of books on how to improve your memory, as well as various types of card games and quizzes. A couple of good books are "The Memory Workbook" by Douglas Mason & Michael Kohn, and "Improving Your Memory" by Janet Fogler and Lynn Stern. Or check out "Total Recall: How to Maximize Your Memory Power" by Joan Minninger.

? Tell jokes. Not just one-liners, but longer jokes. It forces you to think a few seconds ahead.

? Pay attention. Sounds simple, but few of us do because we're trying to figure out what we'll say.

? Avoid alcohol.

? Reduce stress.

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