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There are six conditions for Thought Reform according to the late Margaret Singer psychologist and author of Cults in Our Midst.

1. Gaining control over a person’s time, especially his thinking time and physical environment.

2. Creating a sense of powerless, fear and dependency in the recruit, while providing models that demonstrate the new behavior that leadership wants to produce.

3. Manipulating rewards, punishments and experiences in order to suppress the recruits former social behavior and attitudes, including the use of altered states of consciousness to manipulate experience.

4. Manipulating rewards, punishments and experiences in order to elicit the behavior and attitudes the leadership wants.

5. Creating a tightly controlled system with a closed system of logic, wherein those who dissent are made to feel as though their questioning indicates that there is something inherently wrong with them.

6. Keeping recruits unaware and uninformed that there is an agenda to control or change them. Leadership cannot carry out a thought-reform program with a person’s full capacity and informed consent.

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