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The socialized psychopath is more or less hidden in society but that does not mean that they are not breaking the law. It just means that they have not been caught yet. They do steal, defraud, physically abuse and mentally torture their victims.

But because of the nature of mind control, the adoration by the victim as well as the dependency the psychopath creates, frequently their victims cannot or are afraid to speak up. They may feel they would be betraying their 'friend' or ''wife', or they are afraid of further abuse.

It is difficult for those who have never been in the situation to understand this but that's how it is for the victims. This is often why a wife will stay in an abusive relationship for years, or a man allows an ex-girlfriend back into his life when she has stolen money from him several times in the past.

Another aspect is that the actions of a socialized psychopath may be 'borderline' illegal. With the state of the legal system in many places today it can be difficult to demonstrate (in legal form) emotional abuse or personality changes due to mind control.

Either way, the problems caused by socialized psychopaths in the world today are increasing. Until the laws change it is your responsibility to protect yourself from them. How do you do this?

The best way is to learn more about the characteristics of psychopaths and to understand what mind control is and how to notice it so you can stop it before you get caught in the web of lies and deceit.

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