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Manipulation can take many forms. You might think of compulsive lying as the fabrication of elaborate stories that are easily debunked and taken to be ridiculous among peers. However, compulsive liars can be much more subtle and trickier to figure out.

If you have Borderline Personality Disorder with a habit of lying, you may have found that others have lost their trust in you by degrees instead of after one particular incident of dishonesty.

Some forms of lying prevalent in people with BPD include the following:

- Faking a medical condition in order to reduce responsibility

- Carrying on close personal or romantic relationships strictly for personal gain

- Blaming tardiness on children, a faulty car, or other fictitious circumstances

- Contributing imaginary information to a friendly conversation

- Avoiding embarrassment by giving incorrect but convenient answers to simple questions (for example, telling someone you parked in the lot they told you about when in fact you couldnt find the lot or forgot about it)

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